About Us

Wine4Cellars.com is a wine blog which first launched in 2004 as a personal initiative by Jim Fuhrmann, a wine enthusiast and highly accomplished luxury real estate photographer. Today, drawing upon inspiration from others and a passion for wine, Jim, alongside his wife, Vivian, have a broader vision for this website and a renewed focus on creating and developing informative and engaging content that appeals to wine enthusiasts, aficionados, connoisseurs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, collectors, and investors.

About Our Wine Reviews

We review and rate wines based on a variety of factors and use the 100-point scale. Simply look for the W4C symbol in our reviews. A rating of 95-100 indicates an extraordinary bottle of wine. A rating of 90-94 indicates an excellent bottle of wine. A rating of 85-89 indicates a great bottle of wine. A rating of 80-84 indicates a good bottle of wine. A rating of 75-79 indicates a mediocre bottle of wine. And lastly, a rating of 50-74 indicates an inferior bottle of wine.

About Our Future

Like a bottle of fine wine, Wine4Cellars.com will continue to get better with age, so follow along as we continue our journey discovering new wines and winemakers.

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